The Singing Tree Project

What if Everyone in Your School Created Together

The Singing Tree Project is a model of a Nature-based, Story-Based, and Arts Integration STEAM project that ties your students to an international conversation while meeting Common Core Standards. The collaborative mural process also celebrates inclusive, positive school climate.

 The project adheres to three principals of nature: It is replicable. It has a clear goal with local conditions determining the form. It is based on interdependence.

The central image of a tree on the earth in space was inspired by a true story in a book called “The Singing Tree” by Kate Seredy:                                                                                                                                                                      One night during World War I, soldiers crawled for hours on their bellies to escape the enemy. Everything had been destroyed by war. When the dawn came, they saw that one tree was still alive. Birds from hundreds of miles away, who aren’t normally together,  were in the tree, singing a song that has never been heard before.

The earth is the Singing Tree of the Milky Way. All the things that divide us are not as important as the fact that there is no other life that we know of for billions of miles around. WE ARE ALONE TOGETHER IN SPACE! We can chose to destroy each other or to create something new and beautiful together, like the song of the birds in the Singing Tree.

You can see the making of the Madrone Singing Tree of Vision to Action at the Bioneers Conference here.

Come visit the Forest of Singing Trees.

Grow your tree and add to the forest.  Free book here, with instructions and the story of the first five trees.

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