I’m available for Inspirational Speaking, Staff Development Workshops, Project-Based Learning and Arts Integration Curriculum, Lesson Planning, Individual Coaching and Positive School Climate Strategies.

Youth of Rappahannock, Virginia


Sept 14-17: Training, Community Matters, Elementary Schools, Harvard, Ill

Feb. 24, 25: Training, Community Matters, Bret Harte Elementary, Sacramento, CA

Feb. 17-19: Global Innovation Summit, Palo Alto, CA

Feb.2, 3: Training, Community Matters, Pine Tree Elementary School, Camden, S. Carolina

Jan. 13, 14: Training, Community Matters, Temple High School, Temple, Texas

Past Presentations

Oct. 24-26: Presenting, Imagery International Conference, Monterey, CA – focusing on the healing power of imagery

Oct.  16-19:  Singing Tree Mural at Bioneers, San Rafael, CA

Aug. 20-Aug. 28: School Consultation, Hearthstone School, Sperryville, VA

Aug. 4-8: Creativity Camp – Young Women’s Innovation Lab, ages 13-18, Novato, CA

“Your workshop gave me a new way to look at conflicts, especially in the workplace.  Using art to symbolize the conflict was a way out of the box, a way to visualize resolutions that might not otherwise come to mind when looking at written summaries or listening to words.  Art can be a way of expressing the intent behind the words, and it is important, to me as a person and to me as an HR professional, to find ways to understand, honor and deal with the intentions.”  Judith Perkins