Laurie Marshall


Welcome to this exciting venture in tackling 21st century challenges in education, parenting, ecology, economics and social issues.

For thirty years, I’ve helped underserved young people, their families and their schools beat the odds in rural, urban and suburban settings – unleashing self-confidence, a love of learning and a collaborative spirit. I’ve taught social studies, history, writing, math, reading, drama and art to children, ages 5 to 18 in public, private and alternative schools. My work has included teaching at the community college and university level, as well as training over 5000 teachers in visual literacy for the Polaroid Foundation. In addition, I’ve used visual art and storytelling in consensus building, leadership training, conflict prevention and values clarification (all useful in beating the odds) with government organizations (NASA, Department of Interior, Army Corps of Engineers) and social service agencies (Hospitals, Hospices and Foster Homes). You can see those murals and dramas, along with my artwork at There’s more books and dvd’s there.

My work comes under the umbrella of Unity Through Creativity, a non-profit 501 C3 corporation whose mission is to help build a flourishing world through creativity and community – no matter what the odds.

I coach teachers in project-based learning and arts integration. In addition, I write curriculum for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Create Peace Project, One World Global Youth Project and See the Change USA physics program.  I’m an artist-in-residence for the Create Peace Project, Artists Teaching Art and Youth in Arts.

I’d love to hear your story of beating the odds.  Please send them to