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Beating the Odds Now eBook,


Beating the Odds Now Book,

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Beating the Odds Now, Audio Book, 4-CD set,

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Beating the Odds Now Book, Audio Book 4-CD set, 2 Angel Prints


“I made sure this book was in every staff members hands, including aids, cafeteria workers, custodians, administrators.  It helped our school serve the students and the community with more focus and creativity.

 Vice Principal, Bollingbrook School District, Illinois

Homewood’s Healing Angels

How one teacher honored her students’ beauty, divinity, dreams and sparks through art. Laurie Marshall painted 47 fifth grade art students of the Helen S. Faison Arts Academy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The students gave their writing to the book. The Arts Academy is located in a community called “Homewood” which has a long, rich history of great challenges and great accomplishments.

How might you honor and collaborate with your students?

This project has laid the groundwork for a long-term relationship, celebrated in the Homewood Healing Angels reunion.



Angel BOOK


The Singing TreeThe Singing Trees – A Growing Forest

Grow your own mural that envisions solutions to community challenges with step-by-step instructions. Be a part of the growing forest.

Singing Tree Book Download – Free

Hard Copy Singing Tree Book


Singing Tree – A Growing Forest 20 minute DVD

This movie gives teachers and students an exciting picture of the creation of the first five Singing Trees, beginning in rural Virginia, moving to inner city and suburban Pittsburgh, PA, then on to Peru and Sierra Leone, and ending with an exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C. to commemorate 9/11.

Excellent overview to begin a Singing Tree Project.


Rumble in the MountainRumble in the Mountain-A Geological Fable of Conflict and Resolution

A 40-minute drama written by High School Students for High School students with a structure that can be adapted to your school

Help young people (and adults, too) turn conflict into opportunity!!!!

This 40-minute DVD of an original play humorously interweaves geological scientific information with practical steps to achieve conflict resolution.  It is  is  an instructional tool for 6-12th graders in science, conflict resolution, social and emotional intelligence, drama and visual art.   The script can be adapted for any school. Instructions are available to create the ACB’s of Conflict Resolution murals.  This drama/art project is designed to be locally attuned and responsive to your environment.