Giving Attention to the Behavior We Want

How do we beat the odds of negativity that we are up against?  Like any sane parent and educator knows, focusing on positive behavior gets you more of it.  So I want to praise a family that I consider to be much more deserving of attention than Charlie Sheen. The Medlock family in Colorado Springs should be headline news.  This family has chosen to adopt five sisters in the foster care system while having raised six children of their own.  They are doing the daily discipline of love, plaiting hair, providing favorite color butterfly clips and glasses, making breakfasts and helping with homework.     The sparks of Shakira, Bryanne, Bryonna, Bryann, and Bryla are being nourished in their new home, where they’ve lived for a year.  The Medlock’s son, Steve, who attends Afterschool University, said “I want to be the one who saves the day.”  The model of this family’s generosity will save the day.

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